• Cruise Ship Flags

    Cruise Ship Flags

    Crew member standing at base of ships flags

  • Awake


    Passanger greeting the day after a nights sleeping under the stars on one of the Sea Dream ships

  • Breakfast Table

    Breakfast Table

    Table set for breakfast aboard

  • Sunrise Couple Aboard

    Sunrise Couple Aboard

    Couple enjoying the sunrise on board a cruise ship

  • Breakfast Aboard

    Breakfast Aboard

    Couple being served breakfast on board a cruise ship

  • Enjoying the Ship

    Enjoying the Ship

    Passengers enjoying the cruise experience

  • The beach at Anse de Colombier, St Barts

    The beach at Anse de Colombier, St Barts

    Couple enjoying shore side beach time on St Barts

  • Shore side massage

    Shore side massage

    A massage shore side on Jost Van Dyke

  • Taking the Sun

    Taking the Sun

    Couple enjoying the sun on a cruise ship

  • Top Deck Service

    Top Deck Service

    View from upper deck whil being served

  • St Barts Harbor

    St Barts Harbor

    Table for two in St Barts Harber

  • Breakfast is served

    Breakfast is served

    Couples dinning al fresco on board a cruise ship

  • A Stroll in St Barts Harbor

    A Stroll in St Barts Harbor

    Enjoying a walk along the inner harbor at St Barts

  • Window shipping

    Window shipping

    Window shopping at St Barts

  • Only the Best

    Only the Best

    Name brands at St Barts

  • Local shops abound

    Local shops abound

    Colorful shops in St Barts Harbor

  • The Library

    The Library

    Couples enjoying the ships library

  • Aft deck service

    Aft deck service

    Couple enjoying the service and views from the aft deck

  • Set for Dinner

    Set for Dinner

    Tables set for al fresco dusk dinning aboard

  • Small Cruise Ship Life

    Small Cruise Ship Life

    Various activities while cruising aboard small cruise ships

  • Wedding Aboard

    Wedding Aboard

    Couples wedding aboard

  • Island Views

    Island Views

    Couple sunning and relaxing on cruise ship

  • Just Married

    Just Married

    Champagne and cookies served to the newly weds

  • Dinning Room Aboard

    Dinning Room Aboard

    Finishing touches being added to the ship's dinning room

  • Aft deck evening cocktails

    Aft deck evening cocktails

    Two couples enjoying cocktails and conversation on the aft deck of cruise ship at sunset

  • Meredith


    Our smileing ruise ship activities director Meredith

  • Hors d'oeuvre?

    Hors d'oeuvre?

    Hors d'oeuvre being served on board

  • Dancing under the Moon

    Dancing under the Moon

    Dancing on the top deck under the light of the moon to the strumming of a guitar

  • Just being there

    Just being there

    Couple enjoying the evening on board

  • Dinning al fresco

    Dinning al fresco

    The Sommelier presenting wine to a group dinning al fresco aboard a cruse ship at night

  • Cinema on the Aft Deck

    Cinema on the Aft Deck

    Foursome watching film under the moon on the aft deck

  • Dancing by th Bar

    Dancing by th Bar

    Couple dancing to the sounds of a gutiar at the bar on the top deck

  • Staterooms


    Some of the state rooms on board a small cruise ship

  • Small Ship off Brazil

    Small Ship off Brazil

    Smaller cruise ships visit anchorage not accessable to the larger vessels

  • Costa and Island Star

    Costa and Island Star

    Coast and Island Star off Buzios, Brazil

  • Cruise Ship of Buzios

    Cruise Ship of Buzios

    Sea Drean cruise ship off Buzios, Brazil

  • Island Star

    Island Star

    Islans Star and local boats off Buzios, Brazil